Here is Information on our local Repeaters

Both the VHF & UHF repeaters are located on the top of Mt Washington so they have excellent coverage.
At one time they could be cross-connected using DTMF commands, but this feature is gone now.
The UHF is part of the Island Trunk; the VHF has an open Autopatch.

443.700 (+shift, pl tone 141.3) note: the Island Trunk is always on.

146.62 (- shift, pl tone 141.3) autopatch DTMF control codes: *1 up, # down.

146.910 (- shift)
IRLP node Number 1985
Echolink node Number 580553
Located at North Island College, Comox Valley Campus, so this is a local coverage repeater.
This machine has IRLP; Curently online
  IRLP Basic Instructions

  To dial a Irlp node: Enter the number.
  To dial a echolink node: Dial a * then node number.
  To hangup dial: 73
  DTMF CC will get you the date

  You can test how well you’re getting in, by recording an audio test message.
  Transmit the letter “A”, release the key, then key again and say a few words

  To test a DTMF pad, send “D” and a few numbers.
  To record a mailbox message, send “B” star.
  To check the mailbox, send “B”.

  To review a message, send “B” and the message number… for example, if when you pressed "B"
  you heard three or four message headers, and now you want to listen to the whole message-3,
  then send“B3”.
  You can delete a message you’ve just heard, by sending “B” star star.


146.780 (- shift, pl tone 141.3)
Located on face of Mt Washington; so great coverage on west side of the Island.
>>>>>>> Information provided by Neal Williams, VP VA7RED <<<<<<<